I. Coordination of all activities in library unit.

II. Receive supplies from UBEC, federal government UBE intervention fund (instructional material).

III. We receive this materials through our state UBEC representatives and ascertain the quality and quantity of instructional materials supplied

IV. Give allocation letters to Education secretaries of all L.G.E.A’s showing the number of materials allocated to each L.G.E.A

V. Go out for monitoring to make sure materials have reached the beneficiaries and are put into use.

VI. Accompany the contractors, if there’s any case of installation to any L.G.A e.g computers and children play equipment.

VII. Give acknowledgement letter to contractors after receiving the instructional materials.

VIII. Monitor libraries to check on their conditions.


I. Custodian of the curriculum as received from NERDC, UBEC & UNICEF etc

II. Responsible for the distribution and delivery of the curriculum to various schools

III. Liaise with the NERDC to ensure the implementation of the curriculum

IV. Liaise with the appropriate commission and or committees for curriculum review

V. Supervising the schools to ensure full compliance in the implementation of the curriculum.

a. Collection of entry schedule from schools before and during Examination

b. Coordinates, generate and moderate questions and marking scheme

c. Printing of the selected questions and marking scheme

d. Distribution and delivery of questions papers to various schools as well as broad sheet

e. Monitor the conduct of examinations

Moderation of results sheet / broad sheet

f. Retrieving of answer scripts back to the Board.

g. Ensure pupils are admitted to JSS using genuine results

a. Data collection for Nomadic schools

b. Monitoring and Supervision of Nomadic schools

c. Sensitization and mobilization of Nomadic communities

d. Receive and harmonize reports sent by the Local Government Education Authority

e. Identify and handle the problems of Nomadic schools pupils and parents / Guardian

f. Ensure prompt and efficient distribution and delivery of teaching  / learning materials to Nomadic schools

g. Monitor the academic progress of learners in Nomadic schools

h. Intervene in conflict resolution between the Nomads and school community

i. Assist the National Commission for Nomadic Education in carrying out Nomadic Education programmes within the state.