1. General coordination, supervision of the Board’s activities

2. In charge of promotion for both staff of Headquarters and the Twenty five (25) LGEAs.

3. In charge of Staff welfare.

4. In charge of recruitment of staff on GL 07 at the LGEA level and overseeing conducts of promotion exercises for the subordinates GL 06 downwards at the LGEA level.

5. Initiating disciplinary measures for defaulters at the Headquarters and the LGEAs after the preliminary findings at their LGEAs’ Disciplinary Committee according to Civil Service Rules.

6. Preparation of the Board’s Annual Budget in conjunction with the P.R.S and Finance Departments.

7. In charge of training staff in our Department on quarterly basis and other Departments too, when the need arises.

8. Taking and keeping records of minutes of the meetings.

9. Maintenance of offices, surroundings/ furniture’s, equipment’s such as electronics, generator plants, borehole and official vehicles.

10. In charge of NYSC, Resident Due process meetings, contributory pension scheme, Industrial Training students.

11. In charge of posting, deployment, and/or transfer of staff within the Headquarters or LGEAs.

12. In charge of providing office accommodation for staff and sanitation of the surroundings.

13. In charge of retirement, death and voluntary retirement and keeping records of all dismissed LGEAs Staff.

14. Verifying results/educational qualification papers of applicants, existing staff of LGEAs and dismiss those with fake results.

15. All other related matters that may be assigned by the management.